Saturday, October 11, 2014

Back in the blog moments as I write and re-write from the poet's room. This festive season I find my own goddess self - with the realisation that everything is on the road to Shiva. The womb-birth-love-art-return-completeness-connecting with the universe. Life's journey is truly all Shiva and Shakti. Such a beautiful universal truth and it takes so long to get there. The heart wants more of these moments to BE there, and find my own journey.

Inspired by the festive season and its mornings:

'The Mango Tree'

The flooded heart sings,
the moon is in a trance,
blossoms deck the mango tree,
the koel seeks its chance.

Fleeting moments of passion,
this ritu brings along,
the untouched are silent,
mad ones burst into a song.

Fragrance and Birth,
Shringaar and Love,
Silent and Potent,
many pairs whisper their song.

Goddess-ness so full,
floods the uterus,
its time to give birth,
to the trees and the universe.

Time fades into the distance,
loses its tight grip,
as goddess-ness hugs,
and opens my long,long hair.

Silky swirls of me,
talk to the koel on the mango tree,
it sings to my fragrance,
and I wish it was me.

A world of Mango blossoms,
descend to intoxicate,
Kalidas knew this spell,
as the universe becomes poetry.