Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Creating a Website leads to the way...

Some months back came some divine inspiration and I knew I wanted to share my Odissi thoughts, ideas and projects with lots of people. Many more than those I know. And thats how the idea to the dance website came about. And in a more structured way than in a blog. So the website is coming up and in the process of writing its content, I was surprised at my own thoughts on Odissi. Some of them just sprang out of nowhere, springing out with a force! How precious and loved Odissi is in my life! I never knew I intutivelely absorbed so much of it! I am now aware of a universe of understanding Odissi that lies within me, in a cosmic level I have never accessed. So now along with dancing, I seek to undertake this journey, and find out all that I have understood about Odissi from the bottom of my heart and the love of my soul.

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