Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sakhi  Re...

As a classical dancer, I learnt in many an abhinaya about the sakhi. Playing this role in a dance, I would mediate between Radha and Krishna, understanding the heart of Radha always. On an earthly plane, sakhi-bhaav comes naturally to women, who bond so passionately even as little girls!
On a deeper note, It is only after a certain age of maturity I realised that the Sakhi is none other than one's inner dialogue. She is our inner voice taking us to our spiritual source, merging with the divine.
In one such moment, this sakhi- poem came about from the sakhi within:

The rainbow lane,
has many neighbours,
some well noticed,
some not so much.

I thought I knew,
their whereabouts,
names and addresses,
but not so much.

This lane in the heart,
brings many a surprise,
some feelings
like a beautiful woman.

This one,
she takes me by surprise,
I gaze wondering,
Who are you dear?

An intimate surprise,
can that be?
these lanes of the heart
sing many surprises these days.

My new sakhi,
pulls my arm
my eyes ask questions,
a universe of questions.

Don't ask me questions,
because answers drown,
these answers are poems,
hymns for the drowning.

The sun shines bright,
And the moon comes along,
Drowning the days and nights,
how is it that I never saw it before?

The waves of the moon,
bring life for the drowning ,
for sakhis know,
how we are all poems that sing in the night.

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