Sunday, April 5, 2015

A Sense of time 

A dancer is always seeking Shiva, and his sense of time. Dances feel like time-containers and sometimes like time-currencies. Encapsulating the universe and giving an 'alokik', divine moment.

Sometimes in an artiste's work one can feel like an altered sense of time, that transfers to us and we experience strong currents of the river of time.

The sixth sense that dawns after the 5 senses is the sense of time. Manifesting like lord Shiva's damru, it's naad resonates in one's being. For some the entire universe resonates with his damru, and every sound is this sense of time. It is a time altering moment to even play a damru: hear it's sound unite the fragments of our brain in a split second.

The world of Maya gives us an illusory sense of time. Once one can hear time clearly, one is open and aware of many currents of time: in a dance or music piece in which time moves slow, fast or in multiple layers at once. And that perfect creation of art where time stands still, in a deep state of timelessness.

All art is a deep inquiry into the self:

"I want to meet myself,
how long would it take?
At that turn,
in that moment of time,
lay Art,
a masterpiece.
Waves of Art and Life,
churned in the cosmic ocean,
and there came about Me,
the pot of immortal life..."

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