Thursday, August 30, 2007

Beginner's steps

In dance we always insist on a long period of training in the basics and the need for clarity regards 'why' u want to dance. Its a testing of ur knack for the dedication and patience that indian classical dance requires. I guess blogging is no different. Though I confess I started out quite averse to the whole blogging culture, but off late my state of mind needs this blog.

So starting out, I admit this blog is the voice that many voices in my mind need, its the exercise that I need to lose my mental flab and I think artists need it more than anyone else.

Artists may find great healing in their artistic mediums and yet their mind I feel is more restless than of anyone else. There is a constant search that often eludes you. Sometimes I think it is the journey of searching, of restlessness that is meant to be yours for that lifetime. Thats why maybe one is an artist.

There are moments when one is deeply immersed in artistic bliss, when dancing or watching a brilliant performance when time halts to create a sense of stillness. Its a stillness all artists so dearly cherish and continuously crave for. Or at other times it is a sense of travelling many time zones into a deep space for a long period when one has actually only been dancin for only an hour or so. Where do we go in those moments is a mystery that eludes us, and this blog will not help me ever figure out that. But seems like one good friendship to start, to accompany me along this search of a lifetime.

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