Friday, August 31, 2007

When the heart spills over

This blog is beginning to get addictive. Its like I wake up in the morning and want to empty my head out, chat with my new friend first thing in the morning and kick start my day. Almost meditative this is. Today I wanted to talk about how music, dance, art just fills up the mind with so many emotions, that spill over the brim of one's heart. Just like this wonderful song I heard lately, which drives me crazy. Crazy in a wonderful haunting, mesmerising kind of way. Like it sings of your life, but actually it doesnt. My life is far happier than its sad, wistful quality.Its yearning for what one missed by in the journey of life. Yet it 'feels' so much like its your story. Why does one associate so strongly sometimes with a piece a art that arouses a kind of madness within? And it has no association with your normal sane life.

Having felt this time and again in music, dance and painting, I think great works of art are the ones that 'move' you out of your comfort zone and arouse dormant emotions sleeping within you. My dance guru says that there are all kind of emotions within us in a sleeping state, and dance helps to awaken them in us. Suppressed anger, secret passions, guilt, even scheming evil qualities are part and parcel of life. when we experience them vicariously in art, they give an outlet to many feelings normal life does not bring to us, and yet art makes us embrace all shades and nuances of life and emotions as normal. The indian concept of 'Navarasas' are all within us, only waiting to be savoured and lingered with, whether in a beautiful melody, a van gogh painting or an evocative moment in dance that haunts us forever.

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